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Political Candidates, who are not necessarily professional marketers, often believe that throwing money at something will do two things: Increase voter turnout and work immediately. Neither of these is true. Marketing is like hunting—it takes knowledge, time, and a little luck doesn’t hurt either.

No matter if you’re looking at social media marketing, direct mail marketing or any of the many other types of marketing—none of them work overnight. And if someone promises you they will, run. Don’t waste money paying someone who tells you they’ll give you the world, when, in fact, they cannot.

Marketing is not a fly-by-night, one-time event. Your strategy should be ongoing and consistent, not launched in a panicked fury when things aren’t looking good.

It should be targeted. Who is your audience? If you don’t know, find out and gear your marketing toward them. Otherwise, you’re throwing good marketing money down the drain. Not everyone is your type of voter.

Regardless of what marketing route you take, do your market research, find out who your audience is and make a plan. Once you have those things in order—along with the understanding that marketing is a slow build—you’ll be in good shape.

Political Campaign Websites