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Email marketing for political campaigns is great, reach voters and they’re proven to work. No matter what new apps, contraptions and thingamajigs are developed, voters are still attached to email. The main reason is because it’s delivered directly to their smartphones and computers. It’s easy—and voters like easy.

But in order for email marketing to be effective, it needs to link to a responsive website that looks good on different devices as website do. Candidates need to deliver a good mobile experience; otherwise, you’re bound to lose voter outreach.

“Most of the small campaign websites that I’ve seen are not mobile-responsive. Before you do any campaigns to promote your site to mobile users, ensure you have a responsive website,” “Being active on social media and optimizing your content for mobile users is also a great way to reach mobile customers. Over 60% of emails are opened on mobile devices, so promoting your services via email and using a responsive email design will gain more mobile users.”

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