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Military For Sale by Owner

It's an all-too-familiar story for military families: Every few years, you pack up your family to head out on that next PCS adventure. Whether you're moving to California's sunny San Diego, the mountains of Colorado Springs or near the Little League fields of Warner Robins, Ga., the nation's housing market may have you thinking that buying a home in your new town is a wise move.

There's plenty of data to support the decision to buy. According to the latest data from Trulia®, a company that provides housing-market analyses, buying a home is 35% cheaper than renting in all of America's 100 largest metro areas.

For example, in Tucson, Ariz., home to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, buying a house is 36% less expensive than renting. And Zillow®, an online real estate database, reports that in Tucson, it only takes 2.6 years for a homeowner to reach the break-even point — that is, the point at which it's less expensive to own than to rent.